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EDU 1700 Introduction to Education: Home

How to become an educated consumer of education research

Search Strategies for Articles or books

To search for books, periodicals, and other multimedia.

Search by: Keyword, Subject, Title, Author, or Number

  • To narrow or expand search use
    • Boolean Searching: AND, OR, and NOT
      • Instruction and middle schoolers
      • (Instruction or teaching) and middle school
      • (Instruction of teaching) and middle school not science
    • Use Synonyms and related words to search
      • EX: educator: teacher, instructor, professor
    • Find subject headings : Based on an official list of terms
      • Subject terms are not always easy to find. Many databases give subject thesauras terms, thesauras terms or subject headings. These are great ways to manipulate a database to find other articles.
  • limiting options: format of material, year, location


elementary and art and special needs students   OR  elementary and art and special education


middle school and math and cooperative learning


teaching and literature and student engagement

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