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Searching PubMed with Medical Subject Heading (MeSH) Tools: Searching for MeSH terms

PubMed searches often yield a high volume of results. PubMed subject headings (MeSH) often yield fewer more reelvant results. These MeSH tools streamline PubMed subject searches

Medical Subject Headings 2018 summary

Medical Subject Headings 2018  searches for Medical Subject headings related to the word(s) entered including:

*Full Words
*Exact Matches





For example when flu is entered, there are 6 related MeSH headings



Go to PubMed@UT, select MeSH in the search box, enter the MeSH term
Click on "Add to search builder", then click on "Search PubMed"



See above tab "MeSH on Demand" for how to narrow results