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Spring into Better Habits: Opiod Resources

State of Ohio and UToledo Opioid Initiatives

University of Toledo Opioid Research

Opiod Task Force

Identifies and coordinates current research, education, and community service that UToledo faculty and students are engaged in .
They meet with community and government leaders to strengthen partnerships and identify funding sources for future collaboration. Co-chaired by Dr. Linda Lewandowski  dean of the UToledo College of Nursing and Dr. Amy  Thomson, professor of public health andpresident of the Faculty Senate.    

Adult Detoxification Inpatient Unit -

This UToledoMC 10-bed unit has a dedicated team of nurses, social workers and other staff with training and experience in detox and behavioral health. The detox unit will help patients safely manage the physical symptoms of withdrawal associated with stopping drug or alcohol abuse and then connect them with services to enhance their possibility for success in overcoming addiction

Opioid Summit—April 20. 2018 -

UToledo researchers mobilized a  wide-ranging expertise to help state leaders find new solutions to fight public health crisis.


Opioids in Communities - Libraries in Response

The Regional Library Systems, the State Library of Ohio, and OhioNET  are conducting  a day-long event  in several locations on August 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th.
It is an opportunity for education, discussion, listening, and learning centered around the opioid epidemic and the role that libraries can play in response to it.
Margaret Hoogland, Mulford  Clinical Medical Librarian will be attending the  NW Region conference on August 8th.  Conference summary will be posted through the Mulford Library FB and Twitter pages.


Opioid Resources

All linked through the Mulford Library Home Page  —


Practice Guidelines


Opioid Statistics

Additional related statistics through the  UToledo Library Guide
Locating Health Statistics  tab Opioid Epidemic  -


Select Pain Management Sources

Opioid Research