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To teach critical thinking effectively, teachers must have sound critical-thinking skills, abundant professional knowledge, and a strong sense of personal teaching efficacy. According to Shulman (1987), content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge are required for effective teaching. ‘‘Content knowledge’’ refers to teachers’ knowledge of the subject matter, while ‘‘pedagogical content knowledge’’ is related to teachers’ knowledge about specific strategies for a particular subject matter.  (p. 186) Accessed from Yeh. (2009)  Instructional Science 37:185–203. DOI 10.1007/s11251-007-9048-z

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TED-ED: The TED-Ed team provides an in depth look at the powerful features of the newly-launched TED-ED Beta website. You'll learn how TED-Ed videos are created, how they are arranged, about the learning materials that surround each video, and how you can create customized or "flipped" lessons based on any TED-Ed video or any video on YouTube.


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