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Banned Books Information and Resources: The 2017 UT BannedBooks Scavenger Hunt

Activity Description and Instructions

Activity Description

Download a PDF Copy or get a flyer at the Carlson Library Circulation

There are 20 cards inserted between books on the third and fourth floors of Carlson Library.  Each card corresponds to a book that was recently banned or challenged.  Your goal is to use the list provided for this activity (see below) in order to identify a banned book, look it up in the UT Library or Library of Congress Catalog, and bring one card you found to the Banned Books Vigil on September 28 for a prize. In order to allow others to participate, each participant will only get one prize. 


Scavenger Hunt CardsUse the lists below to identify a banned or challenged book.

  1. Use the Library Catalog ( to locate the book in Carlson Library.  If it’s not at UT, search the Library of Congress’s catalog (
  2. Use the call number to locate the card on the book stacks
  3. Retrieve the card, fill in the blanks and the checkbox, and bring the card along to the event for a prize (guess! another banned book…)

Note: If you do not find the card it either may have shifted or was retrieved by someone beating you to this activity.  Try your luck with a different title, and you may need to repeat this several times until you find one, depending on how late you begin.  Just a day or two before the event, there will be announcements on the UT Banned Books Twitter and Facebook pages to let you know if books are available or not. 

Lists to use for this activity:

Top Ten Challenged Books of 2016:

2015-16 Books Challenged and/or Banned:

Banned Books Libguide: (under “Yearly Lists of Challenged and/or Banned Books”)









Download a PDF Copy or get a flyer at the Carlson Library Circulation