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ASTR 2320: Life in the Universe: Finding Web Sites

Resources for exploring term paper topics for ASTR2320 Life in the Universe.

Search Google


  • Put phrases in quotes: "martian meteorite"
  • Use capital OR between synonyms:  "Search for extraterrestrial intelligence" OR SETI
  • To search only certain types of sites, add site:gov, for example.

Things to keep in mind...

When searching the Internet for websites, you should keep in mind the following things:

  1. All web sites are not equally informative, truthful, or valid.
  2. No one necessarily has evaluated the information on any particular website, you will have to do your own assessment based on
    • Who wrote it, and what you can find out about the person or organization
    • Whether it agrees with or refutes what you have found in other, evaluated sources.
    • How current it is, and whether there may be new information since this site was updated.
    • Whether there is a bias or agenda behind the creation of this website
  3. When using search engines, the results you get back are strongly dependent upon the search terms that you put in
    • The more terms you use, the fewer results you get back
    • The more specific terms you use, the more relevant the result you will get back

Dr. Federman recommends... Web Sites

planet with moonsDr. Federman has pulled together a list of web pages addressing a variety of topics covered in this course.

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