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TSOC 3000 Schooling and a Democratic Society: Finding Articles

Choosing your Databases

Magazine and Journal articles are usually located using research databases that index the publications of a particular field.  For an interdisciplinary topic, it is sometimes useful to search in multiple databases.  There are several research databases that cover the fields of education and sociology, respectively, listed below.

Sometimes, you can save time by simultaneously searching multiple databases that are available through the same provider, such as those available from EBSCOhost.  You can enter any of the databases from EBSCOhost and click on Choose Databases... above the search box to select multiple relevant subject databases. 

Performing a Search in EBSCOhost Databases

Tips for searching in EBSCOhost:

  • Click on Advanced Search to see multiple search boxes.  Then you can break your search topic into sub-topics and search each sub-topic on its own search line. 
  • Brainstorm multiple ways of saying the same thing, or different words related to your topic.  Multiple synonyms may be entered on the same search line with OR between them to expand your results.
  • You can use ‘*’ at the end of words to find multiple endings (harass* will get harassed, harassment, harassing, etc.)
  • Default search is for words in Titles, Subjects, and Abstracts.  Use TX All Text to search within full text of article, if necessary.  Remember, if you use this option, it will find even one instance of your word anywhere in the article… so use judiciously!
  • You may want to limit your results to articles published after a specific year, or to scholarly (peer reviewed) journals, but DO NOT limit to full text… we use the Find It! button to find full text from many sources.

Using your Results from an EBSCOhost Search

Using your Results:

  • Your results will be sorted by Date (newest articles first), but you can change this to sort by Relevance to your search terms. 
  • To see more results per page, or to turn on the display of the abstract (Detailed view), click on the Preferences link at the top of the screen.
  • Additional terms may appear in the Subject listing on the left… feel free to incorporate these into the appropriate search line using OR.  Remember, searching is a process of revision!
  • Some articles will have full text in the EBSCOhost system, while others will have a link to Find It @ UT.
  • Articles may be added to folders to be e-mailed or printed at the end of your session.  Remember, only full text within the EBSCOhost system (not found using Find It!) will be e-mailed.

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