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TSOC 3000 Schooling and a Democratic Society: Public Broadcasting Sources

Public Television (PBS)

PBS and its affiliate stations produce a wide variety of documentary and news programming.  Here we feature specific shows that regularly include broadcasts related to education.  Other programs, not part of the on-going programs, below may also be of interest:

Public Radio (NPR/PRI/APR)

NPR (National Public Radio)

Shows include: All Things Considered; Day to Day; Morning Edition; Weekend Edition; Talk of the Nation.  (Other shows may be broadcast on 'public radio' stations, but may not be produced by NPR itself, and therefore may not appear or be searchable on the NPR website. Since July 2009, most shows include both the audio and a transcript.

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NPR has two primary education correspondents, and you can browse for their recent stories from their profile pages:

Larry Abramson  (2006-) and Claudio Sanchez

Other Public Radio

Recent NPR Education Stories

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