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Exam Master LibGuide: Exam Master Basics

Types of Exams in Exam Master

There are four different exam format options:

New Exam > Custom Exam. Build your own exam by selecting the product (like NCLEX-RN, etc.), topic, subject, category, and subcategory and number of questions to tailor exam to your specific needs

New Exam > Wordsearch Exam. Provides the opportunity to choose exam questions based on words or phrases found in questions, answers, and explanations.

New Exam  > Outline Search Exam. Searches by subject and category groups to which questions are assigned. e.g. "infectious diseases".

New Practice Exam. Automatically creates a test for the selected product (NCLEX-RN, etc.) for quick study and review.


  • Exam Blocks include up to 150 questions (if available). Default is 50
  • Timing minutes begin counting upon entry to Test or Study mode
  • Each Exam Block is limited to 60 days, starting from first access to Test or Study mode
  • Both Test and Study mode can be Paused for later access
  • Questions are not repeated in exam blocks except within Word Search Exams as an option

There are two different modes to work with these created exams: Test Mode and Study Mode

Test. Simulated test conditions. Answers and explanations are provided when you are done taking the test. Each created test can be taken two times (It’s recommended that the first is used as a pretest; after study, the other try can be used as a posttest). In this mode, you are able to mark questions to come back to. Images, cases, and tables will be present when available. In test mode, the time allotted for the exam is 1.2 minutes/question (this can be changed in My Account). In Test Mode, the time allotted for the exam is 5 minutes/question.

Note: Up-to-date versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox are required to access faculty-assigned exams.

Study. Provides answers and explanations as you answer questions. Some additional features in Study Mode are flashcards, score, and help topics. When you are taking the exam, do not use your browser’s back or forward buttons. By doing this, you answers may be changed. Move through the exam using the EM options from the top of the exam page. In Study Mode, the time allotted for the exam is 10 minutes/question.

Test Tools in Exam Master

Tools are essentially the same in both test modes; there are review options in the Study Exam mode. Use the Pause button in the upper-right corner to exit/logout. This will save data -- upon re-opening, a test will begin where it was paused before closing.

Scoring Tests in Exam Master

There are several ways of scoring available:

  • All
  • User-Created
  • Practice Exam
  • Academic (created by faculty)

For Question scoring, unanswered questions are not counted. For total exam scoring, unanswered questions are counted as incorrect. Scores are also available by topic, subject or category. Go directly to study mode to view answers during the test. An exam can be taken without answers explained.

Question Notation in Exam Master

Question Notations:

  • i = incomplete
  • a = saved notation (can be made into a Flash Card in either Testing or Practice mode)
  • Green checkmark = marked question
  • Blue = question answered
  • Red = question unanswered 



Creating Flashcards In Exam Master

To create a flashcard, first add notes to a question:

Enter the notes, click in the box Make this Note Into a Flashcard, enter information for the front and back of the card, and Save:

Create or Select a Group for the flashcard and Save:

Later, you can select My Flashcards from the menu to view or edit cards:

When viewing cards, use the left/right arrows to flip between cards, and the center arrow to flip between front and back of a card: