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Harry Potter's World: Renaissance Science, Magic, and Medicine: For Educators

This guide was created to accompany the Harry Potter's World: Renaissance Science, Magic, and Medicine exhibit and events during the Spring Semester, 2012.  They contents are not currently being updated, other than maintaining links.  We hope you enjoy the information within!

For Middle & High School

For Higher Education: Things Most Strange and Wondrous

“Things Most Strange and Wondrous”: The Hidden Roots of Modern Science and Medicine consists of an introduction and three main units that can be used individually or in tandem, exploring different facets of the magical and esoteric traditions that contributed to the development of modern science and medicine. Each main unit provides background information, key concepts, and two to three sub-units with a list of primary and secondary sources, visual resources, discussion questions, and a student activity.

It is expected that each of the three units contains enough material for roughly two to three weeks of class time; altogether, then, the entire module is designed to accommodate roughly six to nine weeks of instruction. Because themes from each unit overlap and interlock with those in the other units, instructors can easily expand any given unit with material from the others.

Activities Related to the Exhibit

Guided online activities that navigate parts of the Harry Potter's World exhibit with a specific interpretive plan.