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Harry Potter's World: Renaissance Science, Magic, and Medicine: Lightning Strikes Event

This guide was created to accompany the Harry Potter's World: Renaissance Science, Magic, and Medicine exhibit and events during the Spring Semester, 2012.  They contents are not currently being updated, other than maintaining links.  We hope you enjoy the information within!

Sorting Hat

Which Hogwarts House will you be in?  Use our Sorting Hat web page to see!



Public Parking is available in Lots 10 and 13.  Though signed for student parking, vehicles will not be ticketed for this event.


Call (419) 530-2324

Floor Plan

Lightning Strikes!

Planetarium Show

The Constellations of Harry Potter 

5:30 pm Ritter Planetarium

The staff of Ritter Planetarium have created a show just for Harry Potter fans.  Learn about the constellations and other astonomical phenomena mentioned in Harry Potter. You can attend on your own, or we will take a group over from the Lightning Strikes event at Carlson Library.

Photos from the event
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