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Searching PubMed with Medical Subject Heading (MeSH) Tools: MeSH terms via PubMed@UT

PubMed searches often yield a high volume of results. PubMed subject headings (MeSH) often yield fewer more reelvant results. These MeSH tools streamline PubMed subject searches

PubMed@UT - MeSH

Medical Subject Headings may be located directly when searching PubMed@UT.
Remember to use PubMed@UT at the Mulford Library Home page.
PubMed@UT provides access to free articles as well as those that UT Libraries subscribes to.

Locating and Using MeSH terms through PubMed @UT

 Go to 
 Select MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) 
from the drop down menu and enter a word or short phrase








Select subheadings if desired.
Below the subheadings check off either or both options
   --Narrow to articles having your term as a major topic
   --Exclude any narrower terms 

Go to right column, click on Add to search builder, then Search PubMed


Select how to sort (date, best match, etc)
Narrow search results, if desired through left column




MeSH Videos via US National Library of Medicine

These MesH Tutorials have been selected from the PubMed Online Training Pag