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Spring into Better Habits: Nutrition

New Food Label

Manufacturers will need to use the new label by July 26, 2018, and small businesses will have an additional year to comply.

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Enjoy your Food, Eat Less

Watching your weight? Some tips from the USDA

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Healthy Recipes on a Budget

Tracking Food and Exercise

There are many Websites and apps that claim they can track your nutrition needs and intake well. 
But how to select the right one for you?

Some steps to consider:

Locate lists of trackers with .org, .gov, or .edu
For example:

Evaluate an app or Website with these tips—Whenever possible look for credible reviews In journals, magazines, and Websites

  • Who are the owners/publishers? Are they credible? Has the Web site/app been reviewed by a credible source?  Does the information come from credible resources? Are the units measurable?
  • Are privacy/confidentiality issues addressed?
  • Are initial input measures as phenotype, health conditions, basal metabolic rate, and physical activity available?  If so, do they all reflect your initial state or realistic ideal  weights/physical condition?
  • How easy is it to  search for and enter data?  How inclusive are the foods and exercise selections? Are there options for recipes or saved groups for foods consumed/exercises done ?
  • Do the output measures have enough details (as micronutrients, food group targets). Are they tailored to special diets as vegans, dietetic?
  • If a cost is involved, can it be justified?