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Multicultural / Diversity
Africana Studies
by Wade Lee - Last Updated May 27, 2015
This is a guide to resources for Africana Studies.
American Ethnicity (PDF)
by Wade Lee - Last Updated May 31, 2011
Pathfinder for doing research on American Ethnic groups and identities.
Diversity - On Campus & In the Library
by Wade Lee - Last Updated May 7, 2015
A guide to ethnic and diversity related resources in and around the UT community for students, staff, faculty and librarians.
Diversity Certificate
by Gerald Natal - Last Updated Apr 27, 2015
Resources to support the diversity online certificate courses HED 5910/5960/5970
Gypsies (Romanies) & Travelers Exhibit
by Wade Lee - Last Updated Jun 14, 2011
Information about contemporary and historical Gypsy (Romany) and Traveler cultures.
Health Disparities
by Jolene Miller, Gerald Natal - Last Updated May 4, 2015
Differences in health status and outcomes among different groups of people
HON 4950 Harlem Renaissance
by Wade Lee - Last Updated Oct 21, 2014
Created for the students of Prof. Mary Templin's Honors Interdisciplinary Seminar on the Harlem Renaissance, but useful to all researchers of this period.
Latino/a Library Resource Guide
by Gerald Natal - Last Updated Nov 1, 2013
A selected list of print and electronic resources which provide information on Latino/a history, culture and experience.
LGBT Studies (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender)
by Wade Lee - Last Updated Nov 7, 2014
Resource guide for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Studies
Men in Nursing
by Jodi Jameson - Last Updated May 9, 2011
Provides access to diversity-related resources on men in the nursing workforce
Muslim Journeys
by Wade Lee - Last Updated Jul 28, 2014
Bridging Cultures Bookshelf
Primary Sources
by Wade Lee - Last Updated Oct 30, 2012
Finding first-hand accounts of events (either originals, reproductions, or reprints).
Women in STEMM
by Wade Lee, Jolene Miller, John Napp - Last Updated May 1, 2015
Information sources for women in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine.