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Medical Exam Prep: Instructions for rotation specific review with USMLE Easy

Prep materials for USMLE, Step, Shelf and Board examinations

Instructions for using USMLE Easy to study one specialty

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USMLE Easy: Rotation-specific or Step-specific Review

1)  Go to USLME Easy - while on campus* and register for an account by clicking "Do you get access via your institution?"

*Establishment of account must happen on UT’s IP range.  After that, off-campus access is possible. Security warnings may pop-up. You can continue to the site.

 2)      You will be asked to choose a course of study (Step 1, 2 or 3) as a part of the sign-in procedure.

3)      Once logged in, your dashboard will appear in the upper left. You have the option to change your course of study or to begin practicing.

4)      "Start Practice" will give you the choice of "Adaptive Practice" or "Create your own quiz". "Adaptive Practice Quiz" delivers questions from every area. Your responses are used to identify your strengths and weaknesses. "Create your own quiz" will give you the option of selecting specific sub-areas for review.

5)      "Create your own quiz" gives you many optional selections for customized study.

a.      Choose the review method (practice, test, and simulation)

b.     Choose the clinical setting (ED, inpatient, office)

c.      Choose a question category (ethics, endocrine, nutrition, etc.)

d.     Choose a "traditional discipline"/rotation area


Any technical support or system issues can be directed to Mulford Library Reference,, (419) 383-4218.

You can read more about the system and its functionality here:


For additional exam review options (including print, e-book and other systems), visit

Frenquently Asked Questions

Where do questions come from?
All questions are derived from McGraw-Hill's leading series of test prep books, including the popular PreTest series.

What if I forget my user name and/or password?
You can retrieve your login information by clicking the "Forgot your username/password" link on the home page and entering your e-mail address. Or, call the USMLE Help Desk (neither the library nor the clerkship coordinators will have your password information)
7AM - 1AM EST Monday - Friday
8AM - 8PM EST Saturday & Sunday
at 1-800-448-1237 (U.S.) or 1-617-746-2874 (from outside the U.S.).
They will ask for your name and address, and will access your account online. They will then e-mail the user name for your account to the e-mail address supplied upon registration. Since passwords are encrypted, they cannot determine your original password. They will change your password to a generic password, e-mail that to your specified e-mail address, and then you have the option to change your password.

What can I customize?
Customization features allow you to:
• Study for any level of the USMLE test (1-3).
• Create exams sorted by traditional discipline, practice area, or category; or create a set of randomly selected questions.
• Time your test or practice at your own pace.
• Take tests composed of unseen questions or re-take tests composed of previously incorrectly answered questions.
• Use reporting tools via a personal profile that allows you to track your performance and compare your score to others.

Margaret Hoogland, MLS, AHIP

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Margaret Hoogland
Mulford Library Building, 4th Floor
(419) 383-4214


Any technical support or system issues can be directed to Mulford Library Reference, (419) 383-4218.


A special thank you to Bridget Faricy-Beredo, Clinical Medical Librarian for originally authoring and maintaining this guide through April 2015.  Margaret Hoogland, Clinical Medical Librarian, began updating the guide in July 2016.