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Library Materials for the College of Medicine and Life Sciences: EBM - Clinician Perspective

This guide provides easy access to library resources for faculty, staff, students, fellows, and residents in the College of Medicine and Life Sciences.

Levels of Evidence - 6S Pyramid


Appraised vs. Not Appraised Resources

Category Description Examples - UToledo Resources
Summaries and Guidelines

Online summary provides the body of evidence at a topic-level (not limited to a question, intervention, or outcome); Databases of clinical practice guidelines with recommendations for clinical decision making.



Clinical Key - Guidelines

National Guidelines Clearing House


Pre-Appraised Resources Synopses of Systematic Reviews, Systematic Reviews, and Synopses of Studies provided with assessment of original study or summary of a number of studies.

Annals of Internal Medicine - ACP Journal Club

Cochrane Library

TRIP Database

Non-Appraised Resources All Primary Studies with no pre-appraisal.

PubMed (Medline)


TRIP Database

Adapted from MD Anderson Research Medical Library – Evidenced Based Medicine Search the Evidence website:

How We Find Information & PICO