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Library Materials for the College of Medicine and Life Sciences: Dissection Tools, Videos, and More

This guide provides easy access to library resources for faculty, staff, students, fellows, and residents in the College of Medicine and Life Sciences.

Anatomy and Physiology Revealed

Check out our new, originally developed at the University of Toledo by Roy Schneider and colleagues, Anatomy and Physiology revealed by clicking here. It is part of our new product, Access Physiotherapy, and we hope you will take some time to check out the following features:

Select one of the fourteen available modules. familiarize yourself with the content and structures, and then go to your class better prepared.

Use the dissection option (1st of 3 buttons) to visualize the various systems that you will later dissect in the lab.

Animator option (2nd button) provides short videos on features of the cells, chemistry, transport, and membrane transport.

Histology option provides an in-depth look at 21 different features.

Quiz allows you to test your knowledge on the fourteen different modules.

Videos by System - Access Medicine

11 Anesthesia Videos - Clinical Key

8 Cardiothoracic Surgery Videos - Clinical Key