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Getting Library Help @ Mulford: Find Research Materials

Finding Research-Based Materials

There is increasing use of research-based resources in the health care fields. Evidence-based healthcare practice relies upon research-based resources, and many academic programs at the University emphasize the use of research materials by students.

In PubMed, searches can be filtered for systematic reviews, reviews, meta-analysis, and clinical trials.

Some databases, such as Cochrane Library, contain only research-based material. See the Evidence-Based Practice LibGuide for more information.

In CINAHL, you can limit a search to research. After retrieving search results, click on the Show More link in the left-side menu labled Refine Your Results .  From the pop-up window of search limits, check the box next to Research Article.


For other databases, such as PsycINFO, and Science Citation Index, there is no way to limit only to research materials. Use a record's title, abstract, and subject headings to determine if it is research. Look for such things as:

  • a structured abstract
  • mention in the abstract of research terms such as statistical significance, response rate, sampling, test statistics, etc.
  • subject headings that deal with research design, such as pretest-posttest design, or statistical tests, like chi-square analysis or analysis of variance
  • publication types like clinical trial, meta-analysis, systematic review