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Searching PubMed for Evidence-Based Information: PubMed Search Field Tags

Searching PubMed EBM Lecture for Organ Systems Block

PubMed Field Tags

Commonly-Used Field Tags

Using PubMed record field tags is another way to narrow your search results.

  • Enter the following in the search box: search term [tag]
  • For example, to search myocardial infarction as a MeSH term, type in myocardial infarction [MH] in the PubMed search box.
  • Search terms with field tags can be combined: myocardial infarction [MH] AND new england journal of medicine [TA] AND 2009 [DP]
  • Field tags are not case sensitive.
  Affiliation   [AD]   First listed author's institutional affiliation and address
  Author   [AU]   Author name
  Corporate Name as
  [CN]   Corporate names as authors
  Full Author Name   [FAU]   Full author name (2002 onward, if available)
  Issue   [IP]   Journal issue number
  Journal Title   [TA]   Title of journal, journal title abbreviation, ISSN
  Language   [LA]   Language of the article (not the abstract)
  Last Author Name   [LASTAU]     Last personal author in a citation
  MeSH Major Topic   [MAJR]   Main topic of an article
  MeSH Subheading   [SH]   MeSH Subheading
  MeSH Terms   [MH]   MeSH Term
  Pagination   [PG]   First page number of a journal article
  Personal Name as
  [PS]   Person as the subject of an article, not as an author
  Publication Date   [PD]   Date an article was published
  Publication Type   [PT]   Format of an article (letter, clinical trial, etc) rather than content
  Substance Name   [NM]   Chemical and substance names discussed in an article
  Text Word   [TW]   Textual fields of PubMed records
  Title   [TI]   Article title
   Title or Abstract   [TIAB]   Words in an article title or an abstract
  Volume   [VI]   Volume number of a particular journal
  Year   [DP]   The year when a journal article was published. Search a date range,
  type in   2000:2009[DP]