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Medical Student Research Resources

Resources to help medical students find research opportunities at UTCOMLS. Presented by UTCOMLS MSC.

Getting Involved in Research at UTCOMLS

Getting involved in medical research as a medical student is a wonderful way to enhance your experience in medical school. It serves to not only deepen your understanding of the scientific method on which you learn in medical school is based, but research can also expand your knowledge of various specialty areas within medicine.  Whether you are doing basic science bench work in a molecular lab, or examining patient outcome data out of the electronic medical record, participation in research can serve to make your medical school experience much more meaningful to you. 

In the following pages, you will find a list of all recent publications by UTCOMLS faculty. I urge you to browse through there first to see if there is anything that catches your eye, and if so, give the paper a read! If you find something that looks interesting, feel free to reach out to the author, specifically mentioning the paper you read, to see if there is opportunity for you to get involved.

Additionally during your M1 year, the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) will host periodic brown back lunches (OSA Path Sessions) where current residents, faculty, and M4s that are applying to specific fields, will discuss a particular specialty, and how to get involved in research in that specialty. These lunches are a great opportunity to find additional contacts to reach out to. 

Over the summer between your M1 and M2 years, OSA sponsors a student summer research program where you can apply to work on various research projects for pay! 

Finally, if you have any questions on how to get involved in research in any particular field please feel free to reach out to the current MSC Research chair (, and individual interest group research chairs. 

This site is supported and maintained by the Medical Student Council in partnership with the Office of Faculty Affairs & Development and the Mulford Library.