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Murder in the Stacks: Home

About Murder in the Stacks

Do you like the board game Clue? To celebrate National Library Week 2019, Carlson Library is hosting a week-long interactive murder mystery called Murder in the Stacks. New clues will be released every morning and will be available throughout the day as our sleuths help Detective Dewey solve the murder of librarian Sandy Shawl. Who did it and how? Join us from April 8th - April 12th to crack the case!
Four scorecards will be drawn during our live reveal event at 12:30 on April 12th. Winners will receive an Amazon gift card!

The Suspects

Name: Ruby Reading

Occupation: Circulation Specialist

Motive: Victim highlighted in a library book.

Name: Paige Turner

Occupation: Collection Services Librarian

Motive: Victim removed items from a recently organized cart.

Name: Dusty Shelf

Occupation: Reference Librarian

Motive: Victim called her methods “prehistoric.”

The Possible Murder Methods

There are six possible ways Sandy Shawl was murdered:

  • Someone poisoned her coffee.
  • Someone choked her with a cardigan.
  • Someone bludgeoned her with a bookend.
  • Someone ran her over with a book cart.
  • Someone crushed her with the elevator.
  • Someone pushed her over the atrium.

The Story So Far

The Suspects

Name: Beulah Bookcase

Occupation: Archivist

Motive: Victim broke a priceless archival artifact.

Name: Terra Byte

Occupation: IT Systems Librarian

Motive: Victim spilled coffee on her new computer.

Name: Lillian Lender

Occupation: Interlibrary Loan Specialist

Motive: Victim stole her book display location.