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May the Fourth Be With You!

Celebrate Star Wars Day (May 4th) with these awesome e-books, videos, and more!


With a search of "Star Wars films," you can have access to over 33,000 full-text articles provided by University Libraries' subscription to EBSCO databases. Here are just some of the articles available to you. Make sure to check out the articles from academic journals.  It's Star Wars scholarship at its finest!

Entertainment Weekly Articles

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"1944-2019 Remembering Peter Mayhew" by Anthony Breznican. (2019). Issue 1562/1563, p. 18

"Going Rogue" by Anthony Breznican. (2016). Issue 1421, pp. 18-24. 

"Hidden Secrets of Star Wars" by Anthony Brezican. (2015). Issue 1396, pp. 20-23.

"My Star Wars" by JD Heyman. (2019). Issue 1578/1579. p. 6. 

"The New Star Wars Canon" by Kevin P. Sullivan. (2015). Issue 1390, pp. 72-73.

"Out of This World" by C. Molly Smith. (2015). Issue 1390, pp. 59-65. 

"The War to End All Wars" by James Hibberd & Anthony Breznican. (2019). Issue 1578/1579, pp. 32-39. 

People Magazine Articles

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"Billie Lourd Leia's Legacy Lives On." (2017). 2017 Special Issue. pp. 54-59.

"Felicity Jones." (2016). 2016 Special Issue. pp. 22-31.

"The First Jedi." (2017). 2017 Special Issue. pp. 60-61.

"Goodbye to the Galaxy (Far, Far Away)" by Dana Rose Falcone, et al. (2019). Volume 92, Issue 25, pp. 54-57.

"A Look Back...Harrison's Han." (2018). 2018 Special Issue. pp. 62-67.

"Mark Hamill." (2017). 2017 Special Issue. pp. 20-23.

"May the Fans be with You." (2017). 2017 Special Issue. pp. 70-71.

Miscellaneous Periodicals

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"Cinema Science: Using the Force of Star Wars" by Dave Crewe. (2020). Metro, Issue 204, pp. 86-91.

"The Cultural Ubiquity of Star Wars" by Peter Gutiérrez. (2016). Screen Education, Issue 82, pp. 58-65.

"An Expanding Galaxy" by Noah Kadner & Andrew Fish. (2020). American Cinematographer, Volume 101, Issue 2, p. 14.

"How Star Wars Conquered" by Chris Taylor. (2016). Reason, Volume 47, Issue 8, pp. 24-34.

"A Millennial Woman's Star Wars Explainer" by Elizabeth Entenman. (2019). Cosmopolitan, Volume 267, Issue 6, p. 18.

"Robot Love: How a Fussy but Brave 'Protocol Droid' Gives the Star Wars Franchise and Unlikely Dash of Humanity" by Jeff MacGregor. (2017). Smithsonian, Volume 48, Issue 8, pp. 26-30.

"'Star Wars' Has a Problem With Its Past." (2018). America, Volume 218, Issue 12, pp. 36-39.

"Star Wars' Identity Crisis" by Kat Rosenfield. (2020). Reason, Volume 52, Issue 1, pp. 66-69.

"Star Wars: On Location: Earth's Geology and Habitats Have a Starring Role in Star Wars Saga's Fictional Settings" by Andrew Klein. (2017). Science World, December 2017, pp. 8-11.

"War Stories." (2019). Rolling Stone, Issue 1334, p. 12.

Academic Journal Articles

Atkinson, J., & Calafell, B. (2009). Darth Vader Made Me Do It! Anakin Skywalker’s Avoidance of Responsibility and the Gray Areas of Hegemonic Masculinity in the Star Wars Universe. Communication, Culture & Critique, 2(1), 1–20.

Bestor, N. (2021). Making and Remaking the Galaxy Far, Far Away: Transmedia Worldbuilding and Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game. Science Fiction Film & Television, 14(2), 145-168.

Bettis, P., & Sternod, B. (2009). Anakin Skywalker, Star Wars and the Trouble with BoysThymos: Journal of Boyhood Studies, 3(1), 21–38.

Dean, J., & Raynor, G. (2017). Bridging the Gap Between the Light and Dark Side of the Force: A Contemporary Kleinian View of Star Wars. Projections: The Journal for Movies & Mind, 11(1), 83–101.

Feichtinger, C. (2014). Space Buddhism: The Adoption of Buddhist Motifs in Star Wars. Contemporary Buddhism, 15(1), 28.

Lyden, J. C. (2012). Whose Film Is It, Anyway? Canonicity and Authority in Star Wars Fandom. Journal of the American Academy of Religion, 80(3), 775–786.

Rothenberg, C. (2020). Jewish Commentaries on Star Wars: Theology, History, and Debate. Journal of Modern Jewish Studies, 19(2), 164-180.

Turnock, J. (2014). The True Stars of Star Wars? Experimental Filmmakers in the 1970s and 1980s Special Effects Industry. Film History, 26(4), 120–145.