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NURS 3030: Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing

This guide is designed to assist BSN students in the NURS 3030 course at The University of Toledo. It provides step-by-step guidance on formulating a PICO(T) question and implementing a database search strategy to find evidence in support of a PICO(T) que

Combine P, I, and O Search Sets in the Search History

After completing individual keyword searches for your P, I, and O, click on Search History.

In your Search History, you can combine the P, I, and O searches to create a focused set of search results relating to your PICO(T) question as a whole.

Follow these steps:

  1. Click Clear to delete any lingering search terms from your last search
  2. Select All searches in your Search History by checking the boxes next to each one
  3. Click the Search with AND button 

You will now have a set of search results (S4) comprised of S1 (Population) AND S2 (Intervention) AND S3 (Outcomes):

The sample search above resulted in a total of 451 results after combining searches. 

Your next task is to narrow the search results down by applying Limits and Filters