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NURS 3030: Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing

This guide is designed to assist BSN students in the NURS 3030 course at The University of Toledo. It provides step-by-step guidance on formulating a PICO(T) question and implementing a database search strategy to find evidence in support of a PICO(T) que

Applying Limits/Filters to Narrow Your Results

After you have combined your P, I, and O searches, the next step is to apply at least 2 limits or filters to narrow your search results. 

Click the Show More link along the left side of the search results page under Publication Date:

After clicking Show More, a menu will pop-up with various limits/filters to choose from. Select a minimum of 2 for your assignment.

Recommended limits include Research Article and Peer-Reviewed

In the following example, limits for Research Article, Peer-Reviewed, and Published Date (2018-2023) were selected:

After selecting limits/filters, and clicking the yellow Search button, you will retrieve a narrowed set of search results. The following example resulted in a total of 132 results:

After you limit your search results, you will need to take a screen capture of your entire database Search History and insert it into your assignment. For directions on how to do this, see Search History Screen Capture