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NURS 3290: Nursing Research 2 - BSN Program

This guide is designed to assist you with conducting research for your course assignments in NURS 3290: Nursing Research 2

Accessing the PDF of Your Assigned Article

This page provides information on how to locate the full-text PDF of the article you were assigned in your EBP Team, including:

1) Searching for and accessing PDF full-text articles through the UToledo Libraries (see VIDEO TUTORIAL)

2) Requesting articles using Interlibrary Loan (if your article is unavailable from the UToledo Libraries)

Questions or need help finding your article?

Please contact your Nursing Librarian Jodi Jameson (, 419.383.5152) for further assistance. 

For additional details on accessing full-text articles, visit:

Finding the PDF of an Article

These step-by-step instructions use the following article reference as an example:

Carlisle, G. K., Johnson, R. A., Wang, Z., Bibbo, J., Cheak-Zamora, N., & Lyons, L. A. (2021). Exploratory study of cat adoption in families of children with autism: Impact on children’s social skills and anxiety. Journal of Pediatric Nursing58, 28–35.

Step 1:

From the library's homepage, enter only the article title in the UTMOST Search box and click Search.

Step 2: 

You should now see the article reference on the screen. Immediately below it will be links to pursue access to the full-text. 

If you see a direct PDF link on this screen, click it to download the article. 

Or, you may click the yellow Find It @ UT button to see all full-text options. 

Step 3: 

After clicking the Find It! @ UT button, you should see all options for obtaining the full-text.

If your article is available from multiple sources, you will see more than one link under Full-Text Options (click any)

Step 4:

Next, after clicking the available full-text option, you will be taken to a webpage from which you can download the PDF

Depending on which source your article is available from, the location of the PDF link on the page may vary. 

Unable to locate your article? 

If an article is not available from the UToledo Libraries, you may request a copy via Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad)

Please contact Jodi Jameson if you experience any difficulties locating your article:


Request Unavailable Articles Using Interlibrary Loan

If you have attempted to access the full-text of an article, but it is unavailable from the UToledo Libraries, you may submit a request using Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad). This is a service available to you from the UToledo Libraries. 

Quick Steps for Using ILLiad

  1. To begin using ILLiad, create an account
  2. Log-in to your ILLiad account to submit a request
  3. After logging in, click on Place a Request and choose Article
  4. Complete the Article Request Form and click Submit Request 

*You may also log-in to ILLiad directly from FindIt@UT to request a specific article:

We will locate the article from another library that has it, and deliver it to you electronically in PDF format at no cost to you. 

When your article has arrived, you will receive an e-mail notification. The article will be uploaded as a PDF file in your ILLIad account. Log-in to your ILLIad account to retrieve it under Electronically Received Articles. PDFs will stay posted to your account for 30 days, so once you receive your article be sure to download it and save it. 

For more information, see the ILLiad LibGuide