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NURS 4610: Translating Evidence for Nursing Practice: PICOT Grid Tips

PICOT Grid: Finding Information from your Article for Each Column

The table below offers guidance on the sections of your article that will most likely provide the information you need to complete the PICOT Grid.  

Article Info* Population Intervention/Question Comparison Methods & Outcome Time LOE

First page of article

Author, publication date, and title can be found on the first page


The Methods section of a research article provides details on study participants including sampling, number of encounters/observations made with participants, and study location

Introduction, Background, or Methods

Details on the intervention (for quantitative research) or question (for qualitative research) may be found in one of the above sections, or most likely a combination of them.  


Any information about a comparison or control group will most likely be found in the Methods section which often describes the study participants.  

Methods, Data Collection, Data Analysis, Results, and/or Findings

Methods for data collection/analysis are often in separate Data Collection and Data Analysis sections. Check the Results and Findings sections for further details on specific outcomes and results.  

Methods and Data Collection

These sections often provide details on the study's length of time 

Level of Evidence

Find your article's Level of Evidence by utilizing the evidence levels provided by Dr. Reuille in your Blackboard course site

*Note: This column also requires you to list the source of grand funding, if applicable.  This information can sometimes be found at the beginning of an article, in the Introduction or Methods, or at the end in an Acknowledgments section.