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Library Access for Volunteer Faculty : Welcome

Details about how to access library resources and services as a volunteer faculty member or preceptor.

Services for Preceptors

Welcome to the UT family of preceptors!  At the Mulford Health Science Library, we are happy to be able to provide you access to information resources and services.

First things first: you need to be registered with University  Libraries:

  • AHEC faculty should be registered automatically and can log in to subscription resources when promoted with name and rocket number 
  • Non-AHEC Volunteer faculty are not auto-loaded into our database. Library access must be requested at 419.383.4214

If you have any questions about access to resources or about our services, please contact reference at 418.383.4214,

What are your students reading?

A list of the textbooks used in the third and fourth year of our medical school may help you in recommending reading and sources to your students. If access to the prefered text is possible though our e-book collection a link is included. If not, an equivalent text is suggested for remote, 24/7 access.