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Mulford Health Science Library Instruction

Mulford Health Science Library information about quality Instruction in information-seeking skills and the use of information resources for faculty, staff and students.

Instruction Information

Life-long learning skills are an important part of one's professional education. In this spirit, the Library is pleased to offer a variety of orientation and training sessions for students, faculty and departments:
  • Orientation tours for new students, new faculty members, and prospective faculty members
  • Training on electronic resources, including UTs Online Library Catalog, OhioLINK, PubMed, MEDLINE, CINAHL, Science Citation Index, MD Consult, online journals, bibliographic management software (EndNote), etc.
  • Training on resources for evidence-based health care
  • Training on print resources, such as test indices and style manuals
  • Training on Internet and Web resources
  • Personalized library updates and refreshers for students, residents, staff, or faculty

For more information contact Jolene Miller, 419.383.4959 or

Mastering the Biomedical Literature: Skill Sets for the Virtual Environment (COMP 702)

Because of the volume of available information and incredibly busy schedules, health care practitioners require a high degree of skill in accessing information and organizing it for efficient retrieval and reuse. This elective is designed to equip students with core information skills in support of clinical decision-making and lifelong learning. Students will have ample opportunity to explore information resources and develop skills in their use, within the classroom and during free time. In addition to learning specific information skills, they must consider how these skills can be integrated into their professional lives.

This two-week elective is open to fourth-year medical students and meets for two weeks, Monday through Friday, 10:00-12:00 a.m.; This entails two contact hours with faculty each day. Any changes to this schedule will be announced in the syllabus or in class. 

This elective is currently being offered during three blocks in the Fall Semester. For more information, contact the elective course director, Jolene Miller: 419-383-4959 or To register, contact the Registrar's Office.

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