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Web of Science: Print/Save/Email

An index of Science, Social Science, and Arts & Humanities databases

Printing, Saving and Exporting Records

Selections can be printed, emailed or exported directly form the results list, or they can be saved to a marked list first by indicating to the database which records to work with by storing (marking) them. From the summary of search results page, one or more records can be selected by clicking in the box(es) to the left of the article title(s), then clicking the Add to Marked List button on the top of the screen before viewing the next page.

Or, when viewing the full record of a citation, click on the Add to Marked List button on the top of the screen.

To view, print, download, export, or email the list of stored records, click on the Marked List tab:  


Under Step 1 select the number of records to include, then under Step 2 select desired content:

Print: Select desired content and click on the Format the selected records for printing icon.

Save: Select desired content, click on the Format the selected records for printing icon, and go to File>Save As

Save To (Drop-down Menu): This format is used to export records so they can be imported into a bibliographic citation management software package such as ProCite, EndNote, or Reference Manager. Click on Save to EndNote, RefMan, or other Reference Software. There is an option to save to EndNote online. [Find current version of EndNote supported by the library.] For more information, see Step 3: [How do I export to bibliographic management software?]

Email: Enter an Internet email address and notes (if desired). Select email format and click on Email.