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Physician Assistant Studies

Resources of interest to physician assistant students for didactic courses, clinical rotations, and scholarly projects. Resources for general academic and life success are included.


Welcome to the Physician Assistant Studies LibGuide, created by Jolene Miller, MLS, AHIP. She's on the PA Program faculty and is one of the medical librarians at Mulford Library, so you probably won't see her much until you start your scholarly project - though she's available to help you with any research need. (The best way to research her to make an appointment is by email:

This LibGuide provides links to information resources that you may find useful in your time here at the University of Toledo PA Program. If you need help finding additional information or have suggestions about this LibGuide, please contact Jolene.

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Need help getting access to our online resources from off-campus? Help is available here!

Books for Academic Success

In PA school, you will be asked to learn (read: comprehend and apply) more material than you may have had to learn in the past.  For many students, the study and test-taking skills that worked in undergrad classes are less effective in PA school.  These books can help you develop academic skills for success!

Beyond the resources, remember that the faculty are here to help. If you're having problems, please make an appointment sooner rather than later. The Academic Enrichment Center and the Writing Center are also available to help.

Books for Life Success

No doubt about it, PA school is academically challanging. It is also challenging in many other ways, including having an impact on your significant relationships, your physical and emotional health, and other parts of your life.  It's hard to find books that are PA-specific, but many of the issues faced by medical students are similar to what PA students face.

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