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Physician Assistant Studies

Resources of interest to physician assistant students for didactic courses, clinical rotations, and scholarly projects. Resources for general academic and life success are included.


Looking for information on a specific type of surgery (robotic, maxillofacial, neurological, reconstructive, etc.)?   Go to the library catalog and do a keyword search for "surgery and <type of surgery>".  You may need to try the search a few ways to catch variations like "surgery and orthopedic" and "surgery and orthopaedic".  

Need help finding information?  Contact us at or 419-383-4218.

PS - When you search the catalog for "surgery,"  you'll find books on equine and poultry surgery. Clearly those aren't titles that the librarians have selected for the Mulford collection. They are part of a larger ebook package that we can access through OhioLINK.  :) 

General Surgery

Pediatric Surgery