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5 Things for Library & Research Success

Five things you should know about the University Libraries to get the most out of our services

5 Things for Graduate Student Success

As a graduate student, you may know a great deal about your subject discipline, but want additional training in doing research.  Sometimes, you just need to know if library or research services you used at your undergraduate institution will be available at the University of Toledo.

Sometimes graduate students are nearing the end of their degree before they find out about these 5 Things and wish they'd used them throughout their graduate career.  So we've brought them together in one place to give you an idea of what the Libraries can do for you!

There's a Librarian in your Subject Discipline Available to Help

Our Librarians are trained Subject Research specialists in a variety of disciplines.  We're happy to set up an appointment for a private consultation on your individual research interests.  During a consultation we might

  • Discuss your research question and suggest appropriate databases to find more information
  • Help you develop a search strategy that translates your research questions into a search you can take to multiple databases, catalogs, or search engines
  • Show you tools to keep your organized and efficient in your research

Contact a librarian in your program and we'll find a convenient time to meet in the library or in your office or lab.

Scholarly Literature is Free & Easy to Access

In addition to its collections of printed books in our on-campus library locations, the University Libraries subscribe to thousands of journals and e-books from the top publishers of scholarly research.  As a UToledo student, you have access to these wherever you may be doing your research... for free!   Whether you find out about an article from your advisor, one of our research databases, through Google, or in a works cited list, check the library's resources to get the full text quickly and easily.

If we don't have it, We'll try to get it for you

As much as we would like to, we do not have everything ever published at our library.  However, if you identify an item that would be useful for your research, we will try to obtain it for you to borrow or (in the case of journal articles) to keep.

We have the Tools to Keep you Organized

We often hear from our graduate students how hard it is to keep organized and on top of things when researching and writing a paper.  Fortunately, we have several tools that may help you tame the chaos!

We Can Help Get your Research Noticed

The UToledo Libraries and the College of Graduate Studies partner together to ensure your dissertation or thesis will get the maximum exposure for your hard work.

At the beginning of your graduate career, check out the College of Graduate Studies website for more information on formatting your thesis or dissertation, including Word and LaTeX templates to ensure everything looks great.  Then, when you're about to finish up and defend, you can submit your work to the OhioLINK Electronic Theses & Dissertation Center and we'll automatically submit it to Proquest Dissertations & Theses and the UToledo Institutional Repository as well!

We can also help if you're looking to publish your research in a peer-reviewed journal.