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A guide to assist researchers in finding information about Toledo neighborhoods and history

General Resources on Toledo

General Books about Toledo Urban History

Latinx in Toledo

Old West End

East Toledo / Birmingham

Irish in Toledo

Germans in Toledo

Arab Americans in Toledo

Census Data

Data from the United States Census is available at After defining the geographic place you're looking for data for, you can look for data tables from recent censuses or other surveys.

To search a specific geographic area, select advanced search on the main page, and then use the Geography filter to filter the location.
For Lucas county, select county - then Ohio - then Lucas County. Clicking search will give you all the information on that contains Lucas County as a geographic location.

To see individual census tracts, select Tract then Ohio - then Lucas County - then All Census Tracts Within Lucas County (or a specific tract or tracts if you know which one you'd like to work with.)

Once you've selected the location, you can search for tables of data by keyword such as:

  • UNMARRIED-PARTNER HOUSEHOLDS AND HOUSEHOLD TYPE BY SEX OF PARTNER (To look for same sex couples that could not have been legally married in Ohio in 2010)
  • RACE

Or, you can use the additional filters available to find the information you are looking for.

From the results screen, you can explore tables and maps. You can also easily switch between maps and tables that are about the same topic.

Most data will be available in the form of a table. However, information from some surveys can be visualized on the map. Zooming in on a map will populate street names.

An Example of a Map:

Hispanic or Latino, 2000 Decennial Census