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A guide to assist researchers in finding information about Toledo neighborhoods and history

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Census Data

American Factfinder is a tool that lets you view US Census data.  After defining the geographic place you're looking for data for, you can look for data tables from recent censuses or other surveys.

This tool will be unavailable after March 31st, 2020. Please keep this mind while conducting your research. Please use after this date.

Using the 'load search link' at the left, you can load this file to search only Lucas County, OH, broken down by Census Tracts, which more easily correspond to neighborhoods.

Once you've uploaded the file, you can search for tables of data by keyword such as:

  • UNMARRIED-PARTNER HOUSEHOLDS AND HOUSEHOLD TYPE BY SEX OF PARTNER (To look for same sex couples that could not have been legally married in Ohio in 2010)
  • RACE

Finally, Click on Create a Map to make a map of the county with each Census Block shaded by the amount of that particular variable.

You will then be prompted to click on a value (row) in the table... just click on any value in that row.

You can add street names to the map by clicking on the four-square / windowpane shaped icon to the right.

Some examples of Maps:

Male-Male Unmarried Partners, 2010 Census:

Unmarried Male Male Partners, 2010 Census

Hispanic or Latino, 2017 American Community Survey:

Hispanic or Latino, 2017 American Community Survey