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Borrowing Library Materials (Circulation): Borrowing FAQ

Information & Policies on borrowing materials from the libraries.

What do I need to borrow materials?

To check out materials from the library you need a current university I.D. card ("Rocket Card") or other state-issued identification such as a driver's license. Bring the items and your card to the circulation desk or access services desk.

Students and faculty at other OhioLINK schools can check out material from UToledo libraries, but they must identify themselves as visiting patrons and present their school's ID card (and sometimes a PIN).

What if I need the item longer?

You can renew your books in person at any University of Toledo Library circulation desk, and you don't even need to have the books with you to renew them if you have a photo ID. Or, you can renew them online through your library record. Select the item(s) you want to renew, and then click on the Renew Selected Items button (or Renew All) to renew. You may also renew materials over the phone by calling either the Carlson Library circulation desk (419-530-2323) or the Mulford Library access service desk (419-383-4225).

UToledo items can be renewed online up to 4 times (once for faculty & staff) as long as there are no holds on the item. Further renewals must be made at any circulation or access services desk. Most OhioLINK items can be renewed online up to 6 times, if no one has put a hold on them at the lending library. Renewals extend the due date from the time of renewal, not from the end of the original loan period. OhioLINK items can only be renewed during the last week before they are due.

What if I'm late returning material, or I lost the item?

During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, University Libraries went fine free for most items. Some items, such as course reserves, will still be charged overdue fines, and lost items will still be charge replacement fees.

Material Types Fine amount Material Replacement Charge
Local books
No charge for overdue Replacement value, plus $7.50 fines, and a $35.00 processing fee.
OhioLINK items
No charge for overdue $125.00
Reserve items - hourly checkout 
(fines accumulate for 25 hours to $25.00 max, billed for replacement thereafter)
$1.00 / hr Replacement value, plus $25.00 fines, and a $35.00 processing fee.
Reserve items - multi-day checkout
(fines accumulate for 25 days to $25.00 max, billed for replacement thereafter)
$1.00 / day Replacement value, plus $25.00 fines, and a $35.00 processing fee.
Local media
No charge for overdue Replacement value, plus $7.50 fines, and a $35.00 processing fee.
Interlibrary loan materials No charge for overdue Replacement charge to be determined by loaning library

Patrons who accumulate fines in excess of $10.00 will have their library privileges blocked and will be unable to borrow materials, access electronic resources, or use OhioLINK or Interlibrary Loan services.

The Catalog says it's available, but I can't find it. What can I do?

If our library catalog says the item is AVAILABLE but it is not on the shelf, please ask at the reference or circulation desks for help in locating it. If library staff cannot find it for you, you may ask the Circulation staff to fill out a Missing Items Form and change the status in the computer to MISSING. This will allow you to request the item through OhioLINK if there is another copy available in the system.

What if the item I want is already checked out?

You can place a recall or hold on any item in the library that is currently checked out, however, it may be quicker to order the material through OhioLINK if possible.

  • Placing a hold on an item means that the book will be held for you when the current user returns it.
  • Placing a recall on an item means that the current user will be notified that it is needed and they have 10 days to return it to the library.

To place a hold or recall on an item, find the item in the UToledo Library Catalog and click on the Request check mark        (Request checkmark ) at the top of the screen and enter your information. Recalls and holds may not be made over the the phone.

What if the item I want is at another campus library?

If an item is at another library on campus, you can have it delivered to your preferred library and held there for you.  To place a request on an item, find the item in the UToledo Library Catalog and click on the Request check mark (Request checkmark) at the top of the screen and enter your information.  You will be notified when the item is ready for pick-up via e-mail... this is usually in 2 days. 

Do you have a list of what I've borrowed?

You can see what you currently have checked out by looking at Your Library Record. All items are listed here as well as when they'll be due. 

For items that you have already returned, a 'Reading History' feature is available to those who wish to keep track of all items that they have checked out of the University Libraries. (note: this does not keep track of what you've borrowed from other OhioLINK libraries or through Interlibrary Loan).  To turn on this feature for yourself, go to Your Library Record and click on Reading History. You will then be able to sign up for this feature. Please note that the Reading History is not retroactive, that is, it will only start 'remembering' your checked out items from the time that you opt in. You will be able to delete records from your reading history at any time. You may wish to familiarize yourself with the disclaimer concerning privacy before signing up.

Note: you can also ask our circulation staff for printed confirmation when checking in materials that item was returned .

How can I be sure I returned something?

Your Library Record will reflect what you currently have checked out.  You can always double check to make sure a returned item was taken off of your record.  Also, when returning any items, you can also ask our circulation staff for printed confirmation that item was returned .

What if I'm not a current UToledo Student, Faculty or Staff member?

If you are not a current student, staff, or faculty member of the University and wish to check out materials you may do so using a State of Ohio Library Card.   This card, available from the State Library of Ohio (, gives Ohio residents access to library collections at the State Library of Ohio, all OhioLINK member libraries, 26 public libraries participating in SearchOhio, and the Ohio Digital Library. 

Visitors to the University Libraries website who are not current students, staff, or faculty members of The University of Toledo may access some electronic databases through the Ohio Web Library ( The Ohio Web Library offers the general public access to many of the OhioLINK electronic databases that the University Libraries subscribe to.

Check Your Library Record

Check Your
Library Record
  • See what you have checked out
  • Check on requests from OhioLINK or other campus libraries
  • Renew items before they are overdue
  • Sign up for Reading History to track what you borrow

Borrowing Information Table

Status How long?* Renewals? How many out at a time?
(Undergraduate & Graduate)
4 weeks up to 4 50
Faculty & Staff
(including Preceptors & Volunteer Faculty)
16 weeks 1 Full time: Unlimited
Part time: 100
OhioLINK materials 3 weeks
(6 weeks for faculty)
up to 6**  

*for most items... Reserves, multimedia, and some other materials have shorter loan periods.

**Renewals may not be allowed if a patron at the original OhioLINK lending library places a hold.


Circulation or Access Services Desks are located

  • on the first floor at Carlson Library,
  • on the fourth floor of Mulford Library,
  • on the third floor at the LaValley Law Library

Questions not answered here? Contact us!

The Circulation staff can be reached by phone at:

  • Carlson Library - 419.530.2323
  • Mulford Health Science Library - 419.383.4225
  • LaValley Law Library - 419.530.2733

Lost & Found

Items that are left or lost in the Carlson or Mulford Libraries will be placed at the Circulation Desk and kept for a two week period.  All food/drink containers are discarded immediately.