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EMBA 6470 Global E-Business: Health Statistics

Guide created for Dr. Ellen Pullins' EMBA 6470 class.


This guide was created to aid University of Toledo faculty, staff, and students
who need medical/health statistical information.


Resources include finding aids, databases, and tools. Health statistics sources include
international organizations, nongovernmental agencies, US and Ohio government agencies,
and Northwest Ohio agencies and organizations.General statistics are also included if they
contain health related information as demographics.

Featured Resource


Opioid overdose (OD) and suicide are among the leading causes of preventable death in the United States.

Gathering data on these problems and assessing how they intersect are key steps in identifying opportunities to prevent them.

This tool presents 13 key data sources that provide indicators for opioid use and suicide
Each dataset has the following information
· A brief description
· Opioid use and suicide-related indicators

·Availabledemographic variables

·Possible limitations of the dataset


A special thank you to Janice Flahiff, Reference Librarian
for originally authoring this guide.

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