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Hispanic and Latino Heritage Month: Journals

This guide introduces library resources, research, and information related to Hispanic and Latino Heritage in the legal community.

Hispanic and Latino/a Journals

  • Chicana/o-Latina/o Law Review
    •  The Chicana/o-Latina/o Law Review ("CLLR") has provided an essential forum for the discussion of central issues affecting the Latino community that "mainstream" law journals continue to ignore. In publishing Volume One, the Review introduced the nation to the first legal journal that recognized how common law, statutes, legislative policy, and politically popular propositions impact the Latino community. Since 1972, the Review has established a reputation for publishing scholarly work on affirmative action and education, Spanish and Mexican land grants, environmental justice, language rights, and immigration reform. The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania, Nevada Supreme Court, and New Jersey Superior Court have cited the Review as persuasive authority.
  • Hispanic Journal of Law and Policy
    • The Hispanic Journal of Law and Policy is a law journal at South Texas College of Law Houston. Its purpose is to inform and significantly impact the Hispanic legal community in Texas and nationwide. Established in 2016 by esteemed STCL Houston alumnus Benny Agosto Jr.`95, we are honored to serve as the academic home for this journal, which is sure to unite attorneys and leaders in social work, public policy, government, and other fields - around pressing current topics.
  • Texas Hispanic Journal of Law & Policy
    • The Texas Hispanic Journal of Law & Policy (THJLP) is dedicated to discussing Latino legal and public policy issues.THJLP is an academic, neutral forum open to all views to analyze novel, significant, or developing legal and public policy issues. THJLP publishes materials from within and outside the legal community as viewed by Latinos and non-Latinos, including scholarly articles, book reviews, and student notes.

  • Harvard Latinx Law Review

    • The Harvard Latino Law Review provides a forum for the scholarly discussion of legal issues affecting Latinos and Latinas in the United States. Recent articles have addressed issues including the impact of appointing a Latino supreme court justice, the English-only movement, the paradox of the alien-citizen, and the future of Latino legal scholarship. HLLR is an annual publication.

  • La Raza Law Journal

    • The Berkeley La Raza Law Journal ("Journal") produces knowledge designed to capture the imagination of legislators, stir the consciences of judges, and provide a dynamic tool for practitioners concerned with the impact of their work on behalf of the Latinx community. The Journal was imagined in 1980 and established in 1981 by Latinx students and our allies at Berkeley Law at the University of California, Berkeley. The Journal is one of the few law reviews in the United States that center Latinx conditions, communities, and identities.

Suggestions Welcomed!

If there is a journal you think should be included in the collection, please email the library at Thank you!