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Women in STEMM: Home

Information sources for women in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine.


Women studying or working in one of the STEMM areas share similar skills and face similar challenges. This LibGuide is an attempt to provide resources to assist with those challenges.

Discipline-specific links can be found in the various tabs at the top of this guide.

  • The STEMM in General tab includes resources that span all of the scientific, technical, engineering, mathematical, and medical disciplines (or a significant subset of these), and the recruitment of young women into these fields.
  • Science covers the physical and life sciences (excluding medicine), such as biology, physics, chemistry, and environmental sciences.
  • Technology & Engineering deals with disciplines in the applied sciences.
  • Mathematics deals both with women mathematicians and math education.
  • Finally, Medicine covers the medical sciences.

Most pages will include recommended books, websites, and professional organizations, as well as specific instruction for finding biographical information about women in the STEMM professions.

Campus Resources for Women in STEMM

More information and support can also be found at these campus organizations' websites.

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