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Medicinal & Biological Chemistry: Journal Articles & Databases

Orientation to library resources and services for Medicinal & Biological Chemistry students

Locating Journal Articles: If you have a citation already

To obtain a copy of a journal article that you already have a citation to:

  • A) First, check to see if we have electronic access to the journal using the Online Journals List on the website or elsewhere on this page.
  • B) If we don't have an electronic subscription, look up the title of the Journal in the UToledo Library Catalog to see if we have a print or microform subscription in one of our libraries.
  • If we have a print copy of the journal, click on the title and look in the ‘box’.  It will tell you what collection it is in (Carlson Periodicals, Mulford Journals, Carlson Microfiche, etc.).  The LIB HAS line will tell you what years we subscribed to the journal.  Finally, if it is a current issue, you can click on Latest Received to see what issues have arrived.  ARRIVED issues are unbound and BOUND issues are bound by volume.  In Carlson, these are on the second floor and third floor, shelved alphabetically by title (or sometimes under the name of the organization, e.g., American Chemical Society, Journal of the).
  • Some old journals are available only on microform.  These can be found on the 3rd floor of Carlson Library.  Note that you can scan to your UTAD account.
  • If the journal article you want is in the Northwest Ohio Regional Book Depository, you can request a copy through ILLiad (see D below). 
  • C) Journals often change their names or numbering systems.  If we don’t seem to have the journal for the years you need, check and see if it is continued under a new title, or is itself a continuation of a different title.  Authors may not cite the correct title!  If you have any questions, just call me (x4490), e-mail me, or call the Reference Desk (x2325)
  • D) If you cannot find the journal listed in the UToledo Library Catalog, you can often obtain the article through the ILLiad Interlibrary Loan service:  Log in to your ILLiad account and fill out the New Request form with information about the article you need, and our ILL staff will try to find it for you.  This free service may take a week or more to get the article.

Online Journals Listing

Search Electronic Journals available from UToledo Libraries

OhioLINK Electronic Journal Center (EJC) Search

The OhioLINK Electronic Journal Center is a set of online journal subscriptions we get through the OhioLINK consortium.  While many publishers are included in the EJC, we have access to many more electronic journal subscriptions as well.  See the Online Journal Listing box for other titles.

Search the OhioLINK Electronic Journal Center for:

Important Databases for Medicinal Chemistry

Other Databases with Medicinal Chemistry content

Using Google Scholar to find Articles

Google Scholar ( is a specialized search from Google that attempts to find scholarly items on the web.  It finds this by searching through scanned books, publisher's databases, free online research databases (like PubMed), patents, web documents, and citations from other indexed documents.

Google Scholar can be searched with normal Google search syntax:

  • Phrases should be searched in quotation marks to find all words together, e.g. "toll-like receptors"
  • AND is implied... all words input will be required in each result
  • OR, to indicate synonyms, must be capitalized, e.g., Magnetic Resonance Imaging OR MRI

Results will be shown with the most cited items at the top.

Not everything found by Google Scholar is freely available on the web.  If you are searching from an on-campus computer, look for 'Find it @ UToledo' to the right of the entry or below the entry, or a bold link to the PDF version at the right of an entry to look for full text.