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For Faculty: How to bring the Library to your students: Home

This guide will bring together everything, from services to widgets, that a faculty member needs to bring the best research tools to their students.

What you can find here

  • Instructions on how to locate and include persistent links to individual articles, databases and books
  • Code to embed search widgets for library sources so you can search right from your web page
  • Contact information for your departmental (liaison) librarian
  • Descriptions of the libraries' services for faculty


Welcome!  As educational technology moves forward it is supposed to get easier to connect students to the rich, scholarly digital material from UToledo Libraries.  We all know, however, that is often not the case.  Links aren't stable - or they don't work off campus.  Students don't want to type in the urls from a printed paper syllubi or be bothered to leave BlackBoard.    

This guide aims to close the gap between the students and UToledo's libraries by giving you, the faculty, the tools and tricks to embed, link and post the academic content you want your students using. 

Whatever you're looking for, please investigate the tabs or contact one of the UToledo librarians.

Connect @ UToledo Libraries!

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