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Government Information: Science & Technology: Department of Energy

Science Conference Proceedings

Science Conference Proceedings

This portal provides access to science and technology conference proceedings and conference papers from a number of professional societies and national labs. The DOE's Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) provides free public access to the Science Conference Proceedings portal. The full-text documents are generally the property of the organization on whose site they are found and may be downloaded or purchased according to that organization’s policy.

Department of Energy- DOE

Department of Energy (DOE)   

The mission of the Department of Energy is to enhance national security through four major programs. The main priority of its science program is "the sponsorship of cutting-edge science & technology research and development that revolutionizes how we find, produce, and deliver energy."

Energy Innovation Portal 

Maintained by the DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information, this portal allows users to search across one or more of the dispersed collections listed on the Energy Innovation Portal search page such as the Information Bridge, Energy Citations Database, PubScience, U.S. Patents database, and subject specific and multidisciplinary databases. Ten databases may be selected at one time.

Energy Citations Database (1948-present)  

Produced by the Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) to provide access to the scientific and technical information generated by this Department. It contains bibliographic records for energy and energy related scientific and technical information.

Information Bridge (full text 1995-present) 

The Information Bridge provides full-text access to the Department of Energy (DOE) research and development reports in several areas of science and technology including physics, chemistry, materials, energy technologies, biology, engineering, computer and information science and others. The Information Bridge provides access to full text documents and bibliographic data from 1995 forward electronically at no charge.


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