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EEES 1160: Plants and Society: Fall2009

Guide for Dr. Steve Goldman's EEES 1160 focusing on plant genetics.

List of Terms

The following is a list of terms from plant genetics that you should be able to find definitions of using the resources in this guide.

  • callus
  • somatic embryogenesis
  • protoplasts
  • organogenesis
  • regeneration
  • Methods of delivering DNA:
    • electroporation
    • transformation
    • Agrobacterium tumefaciens mediated transformation
    • polyethyene glycol (PEG) mediated DNA uptake
    • whiskers mediated transformation
    • biolistics
  • screenable versus selectable markers.

Article Databases

The Libraries subscribe to these research databases so that you can find out about articles on a wide variety of topics.  Databases relevant to Plant Genetics are listed here.

The Review article we chose

Other Review Articles

Finding Definitions & Background Information

The following books are good sources of background information and definitions.  Most are either encyclopedias, dictionaries, or handbooks.  With Encyclopedias and Handbooks, remember to look up your term in the index at the back of the last volume, not just alphabetically.  Both print and electronic books are included here.

Handbooks for further information

Handbooks tend to have entire chapters on a specific topic, giving you a broad overview of a field.

Life Cycle of Scientific Information