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ENGL 4660 Blackness in 20th- & 21st-Century African American Literature: Home

Blackness in 20th & 21st Century African American Literature

This guide will help you find library resources related to the course on  "Blackness" in 20th and 21stCentury African American Literature and Culture.

Black Literature

Research Databases

Selected Research Databases for African American Literature

Here are a few databases that will help you in your research in subject areas related to African American Literature. Click on title links to get access to relevant research databases available at the University Libraries. Please enter your user name (first name and last), and Rocket ID to get off-campus access to the Research Databases.

Black Music & Art

Elaine Reeves - Online Learning Librarian

Black Theatre and Film Books


Guide originally created by Suhasini Kumar (retired, 2017).