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Environmental Sciences: Grad Students & New Researchers

How to find information in environmental science disciplines including environmental studies, ecology, earth sciences and geology.

Other Useful LibGudies for Chemistry Grad Students

Browsing for Environmental Sciences Books

The UToledo Libraries use the Library of Congress Call Number system for organizing our books.  You can browse the shelves in our libraries in the following call numbers:

GB Physical Geography
GC Oceanography
GE Environmental Sciences
GF Human Ecology
QC 801-849 Geophysics / Geomagnetism
QE Geology
QH1-(199.5) Natural History General
    Including nature conservation, geographical distribution
QH359-425    Evolution
QH426-470    Genetics
QH471-489    Reproduction
QH501-531    Life
QH540-549.5    Ecology
QH705-705.5    Economic biology
QK Botany
QL Zoology
S Agriculture
SB Plant Culture
SD Forestry
SF Animal Culture
SH Aquaculture
TA 703-712 Engineering Geology, Soil Mechanics
TC 401-948 Water Engineering including flood control, dams, irrigation, etc.
TD Environmental Technology

New Grad Students: Checklist

There are many things that you can do now to make your research process easier in the future, such as registering for database accounts, downloading software, etc.  This list is useful for students even before their formal literature research and writing begins.

(Hint: You may want to choose a single login and secure password with Upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols to use across all of your registrations to make it easier to remember.)

Finding Articles in Research Databases

The following databases will help you identify articles on your topic.  Use the "Find It @ UToledo" button to locate an electronic or print full text copy of the articles once identified.

Online Journals Listing

Search Electronic Journals available from UToledo Libraries