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Government Information: Ohio Documents

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Welcome to Ohio Documents!

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Source: page verso, Foreword  Constitution of the State of Ohio, Annotated (1948) 

See modern online version of the Constitution (links to PDF) via the State Library of Ohio.

Search the UToledo catalog for Ohio documents

Visit Carlson Library's collection of retro Ohio documents

To retrieve a browsable list of most of our documents, do a Government Document Number Search (SuDOC CALL #) on the letter "O".  (This works because all Ohio document call numbers begin with "O.")  Sort your results by Material Type to separate books from journals, print from online, etc.

Alternatively, you can try a keyword search by inserting the word, "Ohio" in Any Field, and then limiting your results to Location:  CARLSON Government Documents. 

To retrieve online Ohio documents only, conduct your "O" (SuDOC CALL #) search  as above, but then limit to Material Type:  E-GOVT DOC.

Statewide Issue 1 (2023)

Read both sides here

Search the State Library of Ohio catalog

Find books, articles, and more here.

Then limit/sort your results as needed.


Try >>browsing<< on the word "Ohio"

Then limit by "State Documents" and/or "State Gov Web Pub" for a list of just those items.

Browse databases at the State Library of Ohio

More from the State Library of Ohio

If you are an Ohio resident or employed by the State, you are eligible for a free library card.  Apply through the State Library. 

► More about library privileges.

The State Library of Ohio is designated a regional depository, which means it collects 100% of federal and state publications produced.  All other depository libraries in the state are selective depositories, meaning they collect less than 100% of governmental material.

Full list.

Read the Ohio Libraries Quarterly -- a publication of the State Library of Ohio

Ohio Documents Classification System

Visit Carlson Library's collection of retro Ohio documents

Ohio Documents are arranged by a unique classification scheme.  The letters correspond to government agencies. The full classification scheme (last updated 2008) is available at the State Library of Ohio website.

Basic Divisions* :

For a quick sampling of publications in our collections, click on a classification link.  Select agencies are listed below.

OA Adjutant General
OAD Administrative Services, Department of
OAE Aging, Department of
OAR Agriculture, Department of
OAT Attorney General
OAU Auditor of State
OBM Budget and Management, Office of
OCJ Criminal Justice Services, Office of
OD Development, Department of
OEC Economic & Community Development, Department of
OED Education, Department of
OEN Energy, Department of
  (see OYP 97, Public Utilities Commission of Ohio for more)
OEP Environmental Protection Agency
OES Employment Services, Bureau of
OF Finance, Department of
OGA General Assembly
OGV Governor, Office of the
OH Health, Department of
OHW Highways, Department of
OIE Industrial and Economic Development, Department of
OIN Industrial Relations, Department of
OJB Job and Family Services, Department of
OL Library, State
OMA Mental Health, Department of
OME Mental Health and Mental Retardation, Department of
ONR Natural Resources, Department of
OOS Ohio State University
OPW Public Works, Department of
OS Secretary of State
OTP Transportation, Department of
OTR Treasurer of State
OWC Workers' Compensation, Bureau of
OY Independent Agencies (various)
OYY Youth Services, Department of

* to be found in Carlson Library's retrospective print collection. 

Please note that many of these original agency names have been superseded over time by more modern titles.  See full schedule (linked above) for all up-to-date agencies and their areas of publication.