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Guide to the use of the InCites database from Clarivate for University of Toledo researchers


InCites LogoInCites, by Clarivate, is a benchmarking and analytics tool that uses publication information to analyze productivity, impact, and collaborations as reflected in the literature indexed in the Web of Science Databases.  It includes all academic disciplines, but is stronger and provides more narrow sub-field data for STEM fields.

Of the biggest strengths of using InCites for analysis is that you can use and compare normalized metrics that take into account what is 'expected' for other items of the same year, subject area or journal, and publication type.  Also, some metrics use percentages rather than absolute values so that  you can compare publications across different subject research areas on an equal footing.

Much of the material in this guide is taken from the InCites Training Guide and reorganized.

Logging In

As InCites is a subscription database, you will need to be an authorized University of Toledo user to log in.

You can use an existing login from EndNote Web, Web of Science, or Journal Citation Reports account, or you may register for a new account from an on-campus computer.

Analytics - Explore InCites Data

One option on the Analytics tab is to Explore InCites data. You can create a custom analysis based on the type of data for which you want to create a ranked list.  You can then create a variety of visualizations based on this analysis that can be added to your Dashboard or shared with other InCites users.  (Shared visualizations will be able to viewed but not edited by those you share them with.)

InCites Explore Options

For more information, and examples of the types of analysis you may be able to perform within each area, see the training videos below.

Explore by People Video (4:30 minutes)

Explore Organizations Video: Part 1 (5:12 minutes)

Explore by Region Video (3:40 minutes)

Explore by Research Area (4:19 minutes)

Analytics - InCites System Reports

Your second option from the Analyics tab is to run a pre-formatted report of the research outputs of the University of Toledo or an individual researcher.  These are dashboard with visualizations to summarize the researcher or institutions' output and impact.

Incites Analytics System reports options - researcher, journal utilization, research performance, collaborations, or institutoinal profile

  • A Researcher Report can be run on any researchers with an ORCiD number or ResearcherID number from Web of Science.  The report includes number of documents, times cited, the researcher's h-index, and percent of documents ranked in the top 10% in their subject category by citations.  Additional visualizations show their subject areas, collaborations, and top journals.
  • The Local Journal Utilization Report shows which journals UToledo researchers are publishing in, being cited in, and where they are receiving more citations than expected for the journal average.  See the Using InCites for Library Colletcion Management for a detailed guide to this report.
  • The Research Performance report shows overall productivity and impact for UToledo publications, including what quartile of journals we publish in (i.e., how much are we publishing in journals ranked in the top 25% of their category, etc.).
  • The Collaborations report shows which regions or institutions UToledo researchers have co-authored publications with using a variety of visualizations.
  • Finally, the Institution Profile on the second page combines visualizations from the Journal Utilization, Research Performance and Collaborations reports to give an overall picture of UToledo research.

For all of the institution-specific reports, any institution can be searched instead of UToledo.


The Dashboard tab is a place to save visualizations, or 'Tiles', that you have created in the Analytics tab, along with their underlying data.  Click on the gear at the upper right of each title to rename, delete, copy, or view the underlying data of a tile.

Multiple visualizations can be saved and then shared as a report via e-mail with another InCites user.  They will not be able to manipulate or re-analyze the data, however.

Managing Dashboard & Saving Custom Reports (3:27 minutes)

Exporting Data Video (3:13 minutes)