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Intellectual Property Portal: Overview


Intellectual Property has been a hot-button topic throughout most of the 20th century with roots of copyright and intellectual property laws going back from the 19th century to as early as 17th-century Britain.  In the digital environment, efforts to protect intellectual property in academia, commerce, and industry has reached new heights.  With the system of scholarly communication expanding beyond the physical limits of organizations and reaching deep into cyberspace, and with Google, Amazon, Yahoo, and others at the center of information delivery, societies are placing heavy emphasis on protecting intellectual property.  The growth in the use of electronic resources in academia and the spread of virtual universities translate into great responsibility to focus on copyright and intellectual property.

The Intellectual Property Portal aims to bring knowledge of copyright, patents, licensing, and other concerns into a convenient presentation for faculty and students at the University of Toledo.  Faculty planning to publish in the open-access environment, transfer papers to the archives, or teach in distance learning programs can expect to find relevant information pertaining to their work in this portal.  As the digital environment is changing, the team maintaining this portal will also ensure the timeliness, relevance, and accuracy of information here.

Intellectual Property Portal Working Group (2010)

Arjun Sabharwal (Lead), John Napp, Gerald Natal, Marlene Porter, Elaine Reeves, and Suhasini Kumar

Disclaimer: the University Libraries will not offer legal advice in matters of copyright, patents, trademark or other areas related to intellectual property.  All resources identified and selected in this guide are maintained independently by the Website authors.

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