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Bookshelf - Free Online Books from NLM (National Library of Medicine)

by Janice Flahiff on 2020-03-01T07:30:00-05:00 in Nursing, Medicine, Health Sciences | Comments

Bookshelf provides free online access to books and documents in life science and healthcare. Much of the material is indexed in PubMed. 
Bookshelf started in 1999 to 

  • Provides reference information for biological data and facilitates its discovery
  • Supports comprehensive surveys of the scientific literature
  • Provides health information for patients and clinicians
  • Increases educational and scientific impact of sponsored public access content 

Since the 2000's, more emphasis on

  • Systematic reviews, technical reports, and other clinical reports
  • Genes and genetic testing
  • Working with academic, government agencies, and other publishers 


Please note Quick Start Guide, FAQ, and Tutorials
Also, remember Mulford Librarians are here for professional and personalized consultations



Archived material includes the following
               All content is peer reviewed and also reviewed for scientific and data integrity 
            More information at, starting at minute 12


Reasons to use Bookshelf

  • A literature review component 
  • Locating Health Information 
  • Looking for Information from a particular source
  • Looking for an older edition or versions
  • Looking for related data and reference information
  • Want to include Bookshelf records in one's library catalog
  • Want to data mine the Bookshelf archive


Searching NLM Bookshelf, and example 

Click on Advanced

Example finding clinical/practice guidelines on BRCA


[1] Select Resource Type from drop down menu and select Clinical Guidelines from Index List 
use the PubMed term practice guidelines (same results) 

[3] Add, using OR  the PubMed subject term  of practice guidelines  for completeness
[4] Add, using AND  the term BRCA



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