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College of Nursing Journal Club: How to Participate

College of Nursing Journal Club

What is the College of Nursing Journal Club? 

  • The purpose of the College of Nursing Journal Club is to promote a spirit of inquiry by facilitating the reading, presentation and discussion of journal articles with relevance to nursing practice.    

  • Meetings will generally be held the first Monday of each month from 12-12:50 p.m. and will consist of:

    • Presentations of 2-3 peer-reviewed articles following a set theme

    • Time will be reserved for discussion following each article presentation 

Who can participate? 

  • UToledo College of Nursing students, faculty and staff

How can I present an article? 

  • Email and with your idea

  • Eileen Walsh and Jodi Jameson will contact you to confirm your presentation

Article presentations should include:

  • Background (purpose, aim, hypothesis, research question, etc.)
  • Methodology/Study Design
  • Results
  • Implications for Practice

Journal Articles for Discussion at Upcoming Meetings

Steps to access full-text articles remotely

  1. Sign-in to myUT: 
  2. Click on the links below to access articles 

Need help?  Contact Jodi Jameson ( | 419.383.5152)

Children and Adolescent Issues

Presenter For Discussion
Tonya Schmitt

Sieving, R. E., Mehus, C., Catallozzi, M., Grilo, S., Steiner, R. J., Brar, P., Gewirtz O’Brien, J. R., Gorzkowski, J., Kaseeska, K., Kelly, E. D., Klein, J. D., McRee, A.-L., Randazzo, L., & Santelli, J. (2020). Understanding primary care providers’ perceptions and practices in implementing confidential adolescent sexual and reproductive health servicesJournal of Adolescent Health67(4), 569–575.

Ilana San Souci

Lindberg, L. D., Bell, D. L., & Kantor, L. M. (2020). The sexual and reproductive health of adolescents and young adults during the COVID‐19 pandemicPerspectives on Sexual & Reproductive Health52(2), 75–79.

Eileen Walsh

Paquette, E. T., Palac, H., Bair, E., Schultz, B., Stenquist, N., Joffe, S., & Shukla, A. (2020). The importance of engaging children in research decision‐making: A preliminary mixed‐methods studyEthics & Human Research42(3), 12–20.