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College of Nursing Journal Club: How to Participate

College of Nursing Journal Club

What is the College of Nursing Journal Club? 

  • The purpose of the College of Nursing Journal Club is to promote a spirit of inquiry by facilitating the reading, presentation and discussion of journal articles with relevance to nursing practice.    

  • Meetings will generally be held the first Monday of each month from 12-12:50 p.m. and will consist of:

    • Presentations of 2-3 peer-reviewed articles following a set theme

    • Time will be reserved for discussion following each article presentation 

Who can participate? 

  • UToledo College of Nursing students, faculty and staff

How can I present an article? 

  • Email and with your idea

  • Eileen Walsh and Jodi Jameson will contact you to confirm your presentation

Article presentations should include:

  • Background (purpose, aim, hypothesis, research question, etc.)
  • Methodology/Study Design
  • Results
  • Implications for Practice

Journal Articles for Discussion at Upcoming Meetings

Topic: Nurse Practitioner Preceptors, Residencies, and Virtual Visits 

Presented by: Alyssa Kurjan, BSN, RN and Katie Zinmer, BSN, RN (DNP Students - Graduate Assistants)

Steps to access full-text articles:

  1. Click on the title of the article below
  2. Under "Let's Find Your Institution" enter The University of Toledo
  3. Click on University of Toledo Libraries
  4. Proceed to full-text by clicking on full-text links (i.e. PDF Full-Text, Full-Text at ScienceDirect, FindIt@UT, etc.)

Need help?  Contact Jodi Jameson ( | 419.383.5152)

Bazzell, A. F., & Dains, J. E. (2017). Supporting nurse practitioner preceptor development. The Journal for Nurse Practitioners, 13(8), e375-e382.

Mounayar, J., & Cox, M. (2021). Nurse practitioner post-graduate residency program: Best practice. The Journal for Nurse Practitioners, 17(4), 453-457.

Merritt, L. S. (2020). Preparing nurse practitioner students for virtual visits: An innovative computer-based text-messaging simulation. Clinical Simulation in Nursing, 43, 17-20

Steps to access full-text articles remotely

  1. Sign-in to myUT: 
  2. Click on the article title links below to access articles 
  3. Then, click on the options to access full-text (i.e. FindIt@UT or PDF Full-Text) 

Need help?  Contact Jodi Jameson ( | 419.383.5152)

Human Trafficking

Presented by Dr. Rosario Sanchez and Katie Zinmer, BSN, RN (DNP Student - Graduate Assistant)

McDow, J., & Dols, J. D. (2021). Implementation of a human trafficking screening protocolJournal for Nurse Practitioners17(3), 339–343.

Pederson, A. C., & Gerassi, L. B. (2022). Healthcare providers’ perspectives on the relevance and utility of recommended sex trafficking indicators: A qualitative studyJournal of Advanced Nursing78(2), 458–470.