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PsycINFO and Historic PsycINFO

 Direct link to APA Psycinfo

 What is APA Psycinfo? 

  • The electronic counterpart of Psychological Abstracts
  • A collection of more than 3.2 million references to psychological literature published between 1887 to the present
  • Updated weekly with approximately 60,000 new references added annually
  • Covers all types of publications that APA examines regularly to identify psychologically relevant material
  • Includes journal articles, dissertations, reports, English-language book chapters and books, and other scholarly documents
  • Contains  literature from an array of disciplines related to psychology, such as education, business, medicine, nursing, law, and social work 

Accessing APA Psycinfo

Access to APA Psycinfo is available to all UToledo affiliates from on campus or through remote authentication with name and Rocket number.

Go to the UToledo Library's Web page (, click on the Articles tab > All Research Databases then click on Psychology. For off-campus access see:

Subject-Specific Guides (APA)

These subject-specific application guides from APA provide information about indexed journals and suggested search terms: